Bring your products from farm to market quickly and efficiently.

One of the added benefits of working with Central Valley Ag Exports, Inc. is our strong relationships with farmers and other operations in our network. We specialize in bulk deliveries directly from our farmers to customers.

The process is very simple: the product is directly shipped from a farm or process house in the United States, to the location needed.

Wherever the customer is located, and what they’re looking for, we're capable of adapting to their demand and working toward that. We want them to understand that we're flexible and willing to work around their demands to satisfy their needs.

At Central Valley Ag Exports, Inc., we make the job of packaging and parceling products a breeze. We've honed our production line into an efficient and quality-reinforcing processing plant capable of bringing your products from farmers to market on-time and smoothly. In cases where freight must be calculated, we are able to contact you directly or contact the endpoint customer instead — saving you time from having to deal with multiple contacts along the product chain.

If you are on a rush or need someone closer to the Central Valley to pack your commodities, we are the solution you are looking for! We offer low cost co-packing contracts with different levels of product assembly. You can provide the products and/or the film or we can supply them at a low cost because of our current high volumes.

With our experience, we have the ability to help you in ways that go beyond packaging and labeling, making CVAE, Inc. one of the most flexible solutions for your needs.

What our clients say

We always strive for excellence in all of our services for clients, as we believe it is our clients' satisfaction that drives the success of our business. These are some of the things our clients have said about our services.